The decision to start a business is an exciting, important decision that will change your life. 

Let us help you choose the form of business entity that is right for your enterprise. 

We will ensure that you complete all necessary legal forms and documents necessary to protect your assets. 

Our firm works with business owners at all stages of the business growth cycle.

We offer services in the following areas:

  • Formation & Incorporation of Corporations

  • Formation & Organization of Sole Proprietorships

  • Formation & Incorporation of S Corporations/C Corporations

  • Formation and organization of Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies(L.L.C.’s)

  • Contracts and Agreements

  • Contract Disputes

  • Organization & Planning

  • Purchase, Sale & Succession

  • Commercial Litigation

  • Business Dissolutions

Overton C. Thierry Jr.

Years of Legal Defense, Legal Representation, Trial Experience, Litigation and Corporate Consultation.


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