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We Understand That Sometimes Bad Things Happen To Good People

  • Criminal Trials: Our office handles criminal trial matters throughout the states of Georgia and Louisiana.

  • DUI/DWI: Our office handles DUI cases, including felony DUI with injury cases.

  • Domestic Violence, False Imprisonment: Our office handles domestic violence cases, including felony domestic violence with injury and criminal threat cases.

  • Violent Crimes, Assault and Battery: Our office handles assault, battery, and serious violent felony cases, including murder and manslaughter cases.

  • Sex Crimes, Rape, Sexual Battery: Our office defends clients charged with rape, and sexual battery.

  • White Collar Criminal Defense, Embezzlement, Financial Fraud: Our office handles all types of white collar cases, including financial transaction card fraud and embezzlement.

  • Drug Crimes, Marijuana Offenses, Cultivation: Our office defends clients accused of drug crimes, including marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine trafficking, sale or possession cases.

  • Firearm Offenses: Our office handles felon in possession of a firearm cases and other gun related charges.


  • Theft Crimes, Burglary, Robbery: Our office handles armed robbery and theft cases.


  • Elder Abuse: Our office handles cases involving elder abuse accusations.


  • Computer Crimes: Our office handles the defense of cases involving computer crimes and internet crimes.


  • Criminal Trespass: Several things constitute criminal trespass. Our office handles all kinds. Some examples include going into a structure, watercraft or moveable, such as a vehicle or something owned by another person without their express legal consent or even implied authorization is a criminal trespass.


  • Terroristic threats: It a crime to direct any kind of threat of violence at another person. Our office defends clients charged with this crime.

  •  Arson: Our office handles cases of arson.

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