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A second-generation attorney and a member of the Georgia and Louisiana State Bar Associations, Overton C. Thierry, Jr. is an Atlanta, GA and New Orleans, LA criminal defense lawyer. During his 18 years with the Fulton County Atlanta Judicial Circuit Public Defenders’ Office, Atty. Thierry has handled hundreds of cases ranging from violent crimes to petty theft, securing numerous dismissals and favorable dispositions. In addition to criminal defense cases, Atty. Thierry has more than 19 years of experience in the areas of personal injury, estate planning and business formation as well. 

A second-generation graduate of the University of Southern Louisiana (USL) and Southern University Law Center, Atty. Thierry has worked as a Law Clerk and Legal Associate where he managed all aspects of litigation preparation. Through these experiences, he received extensive training from various firms. Some of his experience includes, but is not limited to, handling settlement negotiations, business disputes, probate litigations, extensive research of legal issues, and depositions of medical providers, witnesses, clients and defendants just to list a few.

Now he draws on his vast experience to proudly defend and represent clients in the states of Georgia and Louisiana. Overton C. Thierry, Jr. always handles his cases personally. 

Your case will be handled by a knowledgeable and experienced Atlanta and New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorney. Let Overton C. Thierry, Jr. handle your legal needs. 

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